The Truth About Automating Your Business, Working Less, & Earning More

As a business owner your job boils down to…

1. Getting Customers

2. Supporting Customers.

It’s much easier to support customers than it is to acquire customers. 

That’s why there is an entire aisle of the bookstore dedicated to marketing and sales. That’s why has 97,805 books about marketing & sales, but only 6,081 about customer service.

Obviously, automating customer support is the easy part.

You’re not worried about customer support at all.

What concerns you daily, is how are you going to make more money. How are you going to pay the bills, plus make a profit on top of it. Not only this month, but every month going forward.

How are you going to grow your business.

That’s what stresses you out.

Am I right?

What if you could automate sales as easily as supporting customers?

  • You would be able to scale your business without scaling your work hours
  • You would be able to have a night life again without worrying about your sales because it’s been automated
  • You would be able to bring fire to your love life because you won’t always be stressing and thinking about your business (The sex you have when you aren’t stressed and your partner isn’t upset is like the passionate sex you had when you first got together!)
  • You would be able to become a super parent because you’ll have time to teach your kids all your best life lessons
  • You would be able to travel for unlimited amounts of time and know with confidence, even in your absence, your business will be bigger than it was when you left
  • You would be able to focus on your health, read more books, or enjoy hobbies you used to love (It sounds crazy but at 34 years old I’ve become an avid online video gamer, because I have the money and time to enjoy it)

So what’s stopping you?

Why are you still stuck working such loooong hours?

If you’re like me you’ve probably bought many marketing courses and books. Why haven’t all those books and courses helped you achieve automated consistently growing sales numbers?

There Is Something Every Marketing Course You’ve Ever Bought Has Left Out

Deep down you know there is something missing. You know there is a missing piece that is keeping you chained to the desk, while others seem to make millions effortlessly.

You know that you cannot scale by just working harder or longer. Nor do you want to!!!

There is a missing piece.

I first learned that there was something missing, when my employees needed me to rescue their campaigns.

As an ad agency owner, I have to hire guys to run ad campaigns for our clients. I can’t do all the work myself. The way I train these guys is buying them all the best marketing courses.

I even take them to the best marketing seminars with me.

Still I constantly had to rescue their campaigns. When a campaign would start failing, they didn’t know how to turn it around.

Which is what made me realize, none of the courses are teaching this.

They are great at teaching you how to create a good ad.

Or how to use the ad network.

Or the guru’s system for creating ad campaigns.

They only show the good stuff, they don’t teach you what to do when your campaigns fail.

One thing I’ve learned in my 10 years of creating over 5,000 campaigns, is all marketing campaigns will eventually fail.

It doesn’t matter how good you are at marketing, eventually shit will hit the fan.

It’s like death and taxes… It will always happen.

The missing piece that has been holding you back is knowing how to rapidly fix failed or failing campaigns.

  • Imagine if every time you created an FB ad campaign you knew how to turn the failures into successes
  • Imagine if you knew how to make every losing Google Display ad campaign turn into a winner
  • Imagine if you tried Youtube ads and at first you failed, but you had the tools to turn it around the same day
  • Maybe you’re thinking of trying native ads? If your campaign fails, do you know how to fix it?

If you knew how to turn every losing ad campaign into a winner, what would stop you from scaling your business?

If every time a campaign started bombing, you could quickly make it profitable again, then how much revenue could you bring into your business?

Today, you’re in luck!

I’m going to show you my proven process for rescuing dying campaigns.

It’s simple too.

No expensive tools needed. No advanced spreadsheets.

If you can do elementary school math, you’ll be able to apply my system to your campaigns.

On the next page I’ll explain how it wall works.

It’s the same process we use in my ad agency to fix campaigns for Dan Kennedy, Rich Schefren, Russell Brunson, Ed Okeefe, Mark Ford, StansberryResearch, Snuggie, Trump University, and many more.

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