A Diagnostic Tool That Makes It Easy To Fix Failed Campaigns?

I’ve buried this page on purpose.

What I’m teaching on this page isn’t for everybody. There are some people who don’t mind kissing Google’s ass for traffic. Or begging affiliates for traffic.

To each their own.

But this page is for people who want to learn about getting traffic at will. Without having to ask anyone’s permission. Without having to return any favors. And most importantly WITHOUT losing money.

Imagine having a system that works the same on Google Adwords, as it does Facebook Ads, as it does Youtube ads, and every other ad network in existence.

Imagine knowing whether or not you stand to profit BEFORE spending your first dollar.

Imagine being fearless about advertising because you know how to turn even the flops, into fortunes.

The best way I can teach you all of this, starts with a story…

I was stuck on the side of the highway in the blistering Florida sun. Where the heat rains on you from above and bounces back off the roads.

By the time I got out of my car and walked around to the hood, sweat was already beading up on my forehead.

My car decided to stop doing anything when I pressed the gas pedal.

The car was on.

The radio worked.

The brakes worked.

Everything except for the gas pedal seemed to work. Turns out, the gas pedal is pretty important on the highway. Without it you’re like a sitting duck in the middle of a stampede of huge metal beasts whizzing by you. 

I screamed into my phone over the sounds of the roaring cars doing 80mph, “DAD MY GAS PEDAL ISN’T WORKING. MY CAR JUST ROLLED TO A STOP IN THE MIDDLE OF THE HIGHWAY.”

He let out a small fatherly laugh and said “Pop the hood.”

Having been a mechanic for over 25 years, my dad expertly walked me through fixing my car without needing to see a single nut or bolt. He knew exactly what was wrong with just a short description. Then completely from memory, he walked me through every wrench twist.

By certificate, he is a “master mechanic” but he wouldn’t need a piece of paper to tell him or his customers that. When he would drive me to school I would quiz him on how many cup holders different models of cars had. He was always right. He was like a living library of automobiles.

Unfortunately, times have changed. Technology has replaced men with decades of skill. Young mechanics with 1/10th my fathers skill can now just plug-in any car to a diagnostic machine. The computer responds with exactly what’s wrong with the car.

Then the young mechanic looks up the solution on the computer and the screen walks him through every turn of the wrench. Today, any able bodied human who likes cars and is not afraid of grease can be a mechanic.

Why am I telling you about my dad being a mechanic?

Because it’s him who taught me how to work on ad campaigns like a mechanic. Instead of just leaving my car on the side of the road, we fixed it.

Just like your ad campaigns.

When the gas pedal on your ad campaign breaks, we’re not just going to ditch it, we’re going to find out what’s wrong and fix it.

What a Professional Media Buyer Does To His Ad Campaigns That Amateurs Don’t